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Auto Mode

Auto Mode

Press the AUTO button enter Motion Sensor Mode
Breathing Mode

Breathing Mode

The light will fade,just like breathing
DJ Mode

DJ Mode

The sub-units flash as you were in a club
AB Switching Mode

AB Switching Mode

Host and sub-units flash alternately
DIY Mode

DIY Mode

Press sub-units randomly programming play
DIY Mode

Whac-A-Mole Mode

Sub-units light up quickly press them to win
Chameleon Blocks 1

A great choice for everyone.

magnetically split
30 colors available to change
saving innovative data transmission
combination of sensor light and programming play
Chargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

Unique Light Transmissive Surface

In order to achieve the best visual experience, we’
ve improved the transparency of the surface material
several times to emit light evenly, finally achieve an
ideal result.

Chameleon Blocks 1

Exquisite Magnetic Pins

Magnetic Pins ensure that any two sides of
the connection can achieve power and data
transmission, which can truly realize the
concept of free stitching.

Chameleon Blocks 1

Special Contact USB Charger

First innovative design to charge through
magnetic attraction. Inventive USB charger to
make power transmission through special pins.

Chameleon Blocks 1

Touch To Change Colors

Each triangle sub-unit can change colors by sensing
the touch. Customized 0.1mm diameter medical grade
springs are used inside each. 30 soft and pure colors
chose from the NCS system won’t hurt your eyes.

Chameleon Blocks 1

Perfect Decoration for Home

Hundreds of patterns can make,like heart,candy,horse,
chameleon,etc.. More sub-units,More Patterns.The sticker can be attached to iron objects,such as refrigerators.The iron piece can make it erect.

Shockproof and Exquisite Package

  • Contact USB charger
  • Specifications
  • Iron sheet fixed parts with 3M adhesive
Suit Your Style Now we have charging model, battery model, and separate sub-units for sale.Available in white, yellow, and pink. Discover More

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