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About Us

Welcome to Bonitronic, a fast-growing and leading supplier of newest products in China.

On, we both retail and wholesale. Without the requirement of minimum order quantity, you can always start with one unit at a lower-than-market price, though even deeper discounts are offered to our wholesale customers.

Who you are

Once a trading company, Bonitronic has been a leading supplier of newest products in China. Owning as well as working with factories, bonitronic is able to supply newest products on market and with the most competitive prices.

Where you are located

We are in Shenzhen , China


Behind our business is a great team with the core values of teamwork, vision and creativity, exactly what Bonitronic stands for. And to evolve into a role model enterprise of responsibility that brings value to employees, customers and the society is the dream all people in Bonitronic share.

Our Customers

Our customers are from all over the world, including wholesalers, resellers, drop shippers and individual buyers, especially wholesalers, who find it advantageous to bulk buy from us and become our regular customers.

Our Aim

Bonitronic aims to be the world’s best supplier of new products and accessories, guaranteeing customers the most comprehensive products, the best price for quality and the most reliable supply channel.

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